Education Facilitator

Education Facilitator

Consistent and regular care for a Pod

Only available in the Austin market


Windsor House Nannies Crown

$100 registration fee

Per family

- Unlimited placement services

- Free consultation

- Access to over 300 professionally screened caregivers

- Personalized matches

- Ongoing support to ensure the placement is successful

- Agency handles all employment forms, taxes and payroll of the caregiver


Windsor House Nannies Crown

30 hours a week

Rate is per child

- 2 children; $551

- 3 children; $388

- 4 children; $314

- 5 children; $263

- 6 children; $230

Windsor House Nannies Crown

15 hours a week

Rate is per child

- 2 children; $270

- 3 children; $190

- 4 children; $154

- 5 children; $129

- 6 children; $113


Rates may vary based on the Pods preferences for the caregivers education, experience and skill set, as well as the age and needs of the children in the pod. 

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To get started send us a message via our contact page with the services you require or call us at 512-831-6677 x 1.

We will arrange a time to meet you for FREE. We will ask specific questions and get to know each family in the pod and their children just like we get to know our education facilitators to ensure lasting success.



-Minimum of 2 families

-The family must come to the agency with an established Pod, we are unable to connect families together

-Minimum agreement of 1 month.

- Families are required to honor payment for the full duration of the employment agreement even if caregiver is terminated early.

Education Facilitators are required to have classroom experience but are not guaranteed to be certified teachers. If that is a requirement for your Pod, we will discuss the recruiting efforts needed to secure one. Education Facilitators provide care, guidance, and support to the children's daily virtual learning (provided by their school district) while mimicking a "classroom environment". They will provide a supervised, safe space to facilitate and implement a daily routine or schedule, assist with virtual school work/tasks, and provide structured downtime or outdoor activities for the class (where applicable)



Why do you pay a registration fee?

The registration fee covers the administrative work involved with becoming a Windsor House family and enables you access to over 300 of the best caregivers in town. Each time we match you with a caregiver we are spending a great deal of time searching, interviewing, recruiting, and analyzing our database so that we can match you with the best care. 

Why do you pay a weekly fee?

We handle payroll for your caregiver so you don't have to worry about it! The weekly fee includes the hourly rate paid to the caregiver, employer and employee taxes, payroll fees, administration costs with managing payroll, and securing your caregiver exclusively for your Pod!  Keep Calm and Pod On!

What you don't have to worry about because we take care of it for you;

- Obtaining an employer tax ID

- Filing the New Hire Report

- Remitting tax dollars to each tax authority 

- Preparing and distributing Form W-2 to your caregiver

- Preparing and filing Form W-2 Copy A/ Form W-3 with the Social Security Administration

- Preparing state Annual Reconciliations

-Preparing Schedule H and a 1040-ES Summary Statement  

- Handling government alerts and notices 

- Payroll management

- Calculating the employee's withholdings for each pay period

- Payroll handled through Direct Deposit 

- Distribution and archive of paystubs with pay period and year-to-date totals to your caregiver electronically