Education Facilitator

Education Facilitator

Consistent and regular care for a Pod

Only available in the Austin market


Windsor House Nannies Crown

$200 annual membership

- Unlimited placement services

- Unlimited sitting services (only available in Austin)

- Free consultation

- Access to 200+ professionally screened caregivers


Windsor House Nannies Crown

$25-$60/ hr. to the facilitator

- Determined by the number of families and children involved with the Pod

- Determined by the education and experience of the Education Facilitator


Windsor House Nannies Crown

Agency placement fee; 12% of the contracted wage

- No renewal fee for annual agreements

- Personalized matches

- Free month of service with

- Ongoing support to ensure the placement is successful

- Legal forms and employment guidelines supplied by the Agency.

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To get started send us a message via our contact page with the services you require or call us at 512-831-6677 x 1.

We will arrange a time to meet you for FREE. We will ask specific questions and get to know each family in the pod and their children just like we get to know our education facilitators to ensure lasting success.



-Minimum of 2 families

-Minimum agreement of 3 months. If terminated early due to schools reopening, families would need to continue paying the facilitator through the end of the agreement.

-Minimum of $750 weekly pay to the Education Facilitator

-The family must come to the agency with an established Pod, we are unable to connect families together

Education Facilitators are required to have classroom experience but are not guaranteed to be certified teachers. If that is a requirement for your Pod, we will discuss the recruiting efforts needed to secure one. Education Facilitators provide care, guidance, and support to the children's daily virtual learning (provided by their school district) while mimicking a "classroom environment". They will provide a supervised, safe space to facilitate and implement a daily routine or schedule, assist with virtual school work/tasks, and provide structured downtime or outdoor activities for the class (where applicable).



Why do you pay a membership fee and a placement fee?

The membership fee covers the administrative work involved with becoming a Windsor House family and enables you access to over 240 of the best caregivers in town. The placement fee covers the administrative work involved with placing your caregiver. Each time we match you with a caregiver we are spending a great deal of time searching, interviewing, recruiting, and analyzing our database so that we can match you with the best care.
When you renew an annual membership we will discount your membership by $100.

Placement Services

We charge a 12% placement fee of the facilitator's contracted wage. This fee is higher due to the amount of work required by the Agency being greater and the length of employment traditionally being shorter. An out of network search will be implemented for each request. This fee is due once you have been matched with a facilitator and employment guidelines have been signed and agreed upon by all parties. If the employment is a year or longer then there is no renewal fee.