Sitting Services

Sitting Service

For occasional care or a temporary nanny

Only available in the Austin market


Windsor House Nannies Crown

$25/month membership

-Covers the administrative costs with creating and maintaining a profile

- Full access to 200+ professionally screened sitters

- Unlimited sitting services

- Preferred sitter program

- Only pay for the months you need us

- Free consultation


Windsor House Nannies Crown

$16 - $25/hr to the sitter

- Due directly to the sitter immediately after their service


Windsor House Nannies Crown

$20 daily agency placement fee

- Due after completion of service

- Cancel at any time

- Personalized matches

- Nanny profiles and references sent prior to placement for your approval

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To get started send us a message via our contact page with the services you require or call us at 512-831-6677 x 1.

We will arrange a time to meet your family for FREE. We will ask specific questions and get to know you and your children just like we get to know our sitters to ensure a lasting success.


Special Rates and Fees

Overnights:  $100/night (Nanny) + $20/night (Agency)
Priority Holidays - $20/hour (Nanny) + $20/day (Agency)*
Other Federal Holidays - $17/hour (Nanny) + $20/day (Agency)
4+ Children - $17+/hour (Nanny) + $20/day (Agency)
Rush Fee (Less than 24 Hours Notice): $20 (Agency)
24 Hour Cancellation Fee: $20 (Nanny)
Gas Stipend if 30+miles away- $10-$20

*Christmas Eve & Day, New Year's Eve & Day, Thanksgiving, 4th of July



Why do you pay a membership fee and a daily placement fee?

The membership fee covers the administrative work involved with becoming a Windsor House family and enables you access to over 200 of the best sitters and nannies in town. The $20 daily placement fee covers the administrative work involved with providing a sitter for you at the time you desire it. Each time we match you with a sitter we are spending a great deal of time searching, interviewing, recruiting, and analyzing our sitter database so that we can match you with the best care. We charge $20 a day, considerably less than other agencies. We take less so our sitters can make more. With this philosophy, we believe we can attract the high-quality child care professionals your family deserves. 

It's as simple as 1, 2, 3. 

1- If you need an occasional sitter or temporary nanny for less than 3 months you qualify for our $25 monthly membership fee. This fee is due after a free consultation and it covers the administrative costs with joining and maintaining a Windsor House profile and gets you access to 200+ screened, professional sitters, and nannies.

2 - Once you have approved a sitter via an online profile for your service you will pay the sitter their hourly rate at the end of the shift via cash or check. You choose what rate you would like to offer between $16-$25/hr. 

3- The agency charges a $20 daily placement fee for the work involved with finding and securing the sitter. This fee is charged after the completed sitting service.