Placement Service

Consistent and regular care for longer than three months.


Windsor House Nannies Crown

$200 annual membership

- Free consultation

- Access to sitting services

- Access to over 300 professionally screened nannies


Windsor House Nannies Crown

Nanny rate; $17-$35/hr 

- Rate is negotiated based on education, experience, required duties, and current market

Please note, current market rates for FT positions are between $20-$25/hr. and PT positions between $25-$30/hr.  

We are unable to offer assistance below the current market rate.


Windsor House Nannies Crown

Agency fee; 8% of the contracted wage

-90-day guarantee for nanny placements; 1 free replacement.

- No renewal fee for annual agreements

- Less than the national standard 12-15% placement fee.

We take less so your nanny can make more, resulting in a higher caliber of caregiver. 

- 2 free trial days prior to placement

- Personalized matches

- Free registration with

- Forms and employment guidelines supplied by the Agency.

- Ongoing support to ensure the placement is successful long term


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To get started send us a message via our contact page with the services you require or schedule a call here.

We will arrange a time to meet your family for FREE. We will ask specific questions and get to know you and your children just like we get to know our nannies to ensure lasting success.

Please note, we do not provide live-in nanny services. 


Agency Fees

Membership Fees
Why do you pay a membership fee and then a placement fee? 
The membership fee covers the administrative work involved with becoming a Windsor House family and enables you access to over 300 of the best caregivers in town. The placement fee covers the administrative work involved with placing your nanny. Each time we match you with a nanny we are spending a great deal of time searching, interviewing, recruiting, and analyzing our database so that we can match you with the best care.
When you renew an annual membership within 14 days we will discount your membership by $100.

Placement Services
For permanent and temporary nanny placements we charge an 8% placement fee of the nanny's negotiated contracted wage. This is considerably less than other agencies with the national average charging a 12-15% placement fee. We charge less so your nanny can make more, resulting in a higher caliber of nanny for your family. This fee is due once you have been matched with a nanny of your choice and employment guidelines have been signed and agreed upon by all parties. If the employment is a year or longer then there is no renewal fee. All placement services require an annual membership.



How do I pay my nanny?

You, the family, are considered the employer hiring a household employee. This means you are hiring a W4/ W2 employee and need to file the correct employment forms, withhold taxes, and pay employer taxes. This can be tricky and complicated; however, if done correctly, you may be eligible for 3 tax breaks that could cover the cost of your employer taxes. To make this process effortless for our families and ensure you get the tax breaks you qualify for, we have partnered with HomePay who will take care of everything for you and WE WILL PAY YOUR FIRST MONTHLY FEE! A $75 savings!

Hiring a nanny requires the following responsibilities. HomePay takes care of each one for you.

- Obtaining your employer tax ID

- Handling worker's compensation insurance, if desired

- Filing the New Hire Report

- Preparing and filing household tax returns

- Remitting tax dollars to each tax authority 

- Preparing and distributing Form W-2 to your employee

- Preparing and filing Form W-2 Copy A/ Form W-3 with the Social Security Administration

- Preparing state Annual Reconciliations

-Preparing Schedule H and a 1040-ES Summary Statement to include with your personal federal income tax return 

- Handling government alerts and notices 

- Payroll management

- Calculating the employee's withholdings for each pay period

- Payroll handled through Direct Deposit 

- Distribution and archive of paystubs with pay period and year-to-date totals to your employee electronically 

- Audit support

Phew... thanks Homepay for handling it for our families!

For more information, visit their website-