Why We Started

Windsor House Nannies was founded by two nannies, both of whom have worked for many families and facilities caring for and educating a large number of children. Our greatest love and achievements are the children we have cared for. As such, we believe all children should have the best care with a nurturing and encouraging environment that only trained professionals can provide. Recently, there has been an influx of individuals claiming to be child care professionals with little to no experience. As nannies ourselves, we first and foremost understand that the job is a special one, a position that requires dedication, experience, training and a commitment to career. We see that at times being a nanny is dismissed as being a stop gap job - a position that anyone who likes kids can undertake. However, being a nanny is much more to us. We want to be able to match trained child care professionals with families so that your children can get the best care available.


Meet our Staff

Rebecca Pearcy, Owner and CEO 

Rebecca was awarded her 5-year service pin by the International Nanny Association in 2020

She has been nominated twice for the Austin Under 40 Awards and once for the Profiles in Power Awards.

Originally from England, Rebecca moved to America over 13 years ago and cannot imagine returning because she loves Texas too much. She has over 16 years of experience working with children, from being a nanny and babysitter to working as a child care professional in a military child care facility and starting a children's performance troop. She acted as Director of Agencies for the US Nanny Association, volunteering her time to elevate the nanny profession. She has been professionally trained in a variety of techniques and is a big advocate of positive guidance and conscious discipline. She believes in clear, calm, and consistent communication in a loving environment where fun and safety remain at the forefront in the growth and education of a child. Let's go fly a kite!



Rebecca Pearcy





Sara Barrera, Placement Specialist


Sara has focused her career on helping others. Before joining Windsor House Nannies in 2020 she worked for an animal hospital and a veteran-owned company that provided relief and holistic care to other veterans and first responders. Sara says the best part of her job "is the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing women I have met. The level of care and professionalism displayed every day gives me something to aim for. I love being a part of this family as well as getting the chance to provide a service to both families and nannies which has a positive impact on the lives of children." Sara's favorite thing to do in her spare time is to enjoy nature with her children. "Family provides a solid foundation and I am so grateful for mine." 


Rebecca Pearcy


Collins Anderson, Recruiter


Collins graduated Magna Cum Laude from the National Institute of Technology and worked as a Patient Advocate in the medical field before joining Windsor. Her favorite thing about her role is knowing that she is a part of providing job security for qualified, hardworking nannies, and helping families who are faced with uncertainty when it comes to child care and the safety/health of their children. She loves working for a company where she feels supported and valued. “I have learned the value of working with a reputable agency. Without bias, there is absolutely no better agency to represent you, whether you are a family or nanny. WHN provides stellar placement services with equal care and attention paid to our families and nannies.” In her free time, Collins loves to stand up paddleboard, hike, and travel with her daughter and close friends.





Tessa Miller, Recruitment Coordinator


While Tessa worked towards her Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, she worked as a nanny.  After her schooling, she became a 3rd grade teacher and is overjoyed to still be of service to the community helping nannies and families find the perfect match to help with the most important job; raising children. “Every family and every child is unique.  Truly getting to know our families and nannies is crucial to what we do”. One of her favorite things about Windsor is working with a team of highly intelligent, motivated and supportive women. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her husband, dog, friends and family who have always been the greatest support. She loves to spend time outside hiking, paddleboarding, practicing yoga and riding her bike. 





Quyen Nguyen, Operations Coordinator


Quyen taught Robotics & Computer Science at Coding with Kids for several years supervising 150+ instructors and 16,000+ students. In her current role, she leverages that people management experience and applies it to the numerous families and caregivers, providing positive experiences with dedicated support and professionalism. She is equally passionate about her WHN colleagues: “Since starting with WHN I've had the opportunity to work with the most caring, intelligent and motivating team. The dedication everyone strives to achieve is admirable and has taught me the significance of delivering quality service.” Given her role supporting families, it's no surprise that Quyen's most important people in her life are her parents:  “We are refugees from Vietnam and moved to America in 2001, my parents left their extended family to pursue the American Dream.” But it's not all work - in her spare time she appreciates being in nature and giving back to her community by volunteering at hospitals.


Quyen; Operations Coordinator



NAPBS Background Screening Credentials Council


Our 12 Step Nanny Guarantee

Windsor House strives to seek out the highest quality of experienced and dedicated career nannies for our team. We offer the most thorough and sophisticated service when hiring and recruiting nannies and get to know our nannies on a personal level to ensure they are the best in the industry. To be a Windsor House Nanny the following standards must be met.

  1. Two years minimum experience within the industry.
  2. Additional teaching, mentoring or child development skills and experience preferred.
  3. In-depth interview by our Recruitment team where experience, communication, professionalism, and punctuality are screened.
  4. At least three relevant childcare references available for your viewing.
  5. Professional and extensive, national, and state criminal background investigation.
  6. Professional sex offender search.
  7. Verification of social security number, driver's license, and driving insurance.
  8. Motor vehicle records check.
  9. Current CPR and First Aid training verification. 
  10. In-person nanny induction day; allows the agency to build familiarity with our nannies, cover all Windsor House policies and childcare philosophies, as well as providing a springboard for our nannies' professional development.
  11. We offer ongoing workshops and trainings covering many areas of child development and care in order to further our nannies' careers.
  12. Regular nanny evaluations by families after sitting services and throughout permanent placement positions.